Heel Turn and Face Turn

I’m using some wrestling terminology for this one folks. Face Heel Turn is when someone good (a face) turns bad (a heel), and Heel Face Turn is the same thing from the opposite side (A bad guy turning good). While there are some people who regularly flirt between good and bad (Damian Hellstrom and Catwoman for example), the plan here is to stick with those who made the switch and haven’t really bounced back. We are going to talk about a few of the guys who’ve done that throughout comics.


Clint Barton (Hawkeye/Ronin): Heel Face Turn
Clint Barton before his time as an Avenger, was often spent in traveling circuses (specifically Carson Carnival of Travelling Wonders). His mentor was the international criminal Trickshot, and was also friends with the original Swordsman (who was also a criminal). Initially Clint turned down the invitation to crime from Swordsman but still had no idea about Trickshot. Eventually he got convinced to raid another criminal’s operation by Trickshot, which resulted in Clint severely wounding one of the bodyguards (which was found out later to be Clint’s brother Barney). Eventually he saw Iron Man save lives and decided to be a vigilante himself. Unfortunately while disguised, he got mistaken for a criminal and chased down. He returned to crime at the urging of Black Widow (who was undercover as a criminal at the time) and initially tried to fight Iron Man and the Avengers. He eventually felt regret and instead tried to join the Avengers. To do this, he broke into Avengers Mansion, convinced Jarvis to play along, and impressed the team. Iron Man vouched for him, and Clint (as Hawkeye, and for a period as Ronin) became one of the most valued members of the Avengers, even helping Vision lead the West Coast Avengers.

Harleen Quinzel (Harley Quinn): Heel Face Turn
Harley Quinn was once the sidekick to psychopathic Batman villain Joker. A highly intelligent psychologist, she donned the appearance of a harlequin. She was also the lover of Joker, though the relationship was very abusive and a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. Eventually, she moved on, and went to New York City. Here, she decided to help people out instead of terrorizing them… though, terrorizing people just came naturally. She formed a “Gang of Harley’s” to help her out, and they are basically a group of vigilantes who do the right thing (while destroying stuff, because fires and explosives are fun). There is a small group of friends including Eggy (Egg Fu, former Wonder Woman villain), Tony (is a midget who works for a freakshow), Red Tool (Future time traveler originally sent to kill Harley), and there are regular appearances by Poison Ivy and Power Girl (as friends and allies). She regularly works with the police department for handling certain things that the police couldn’t easily do. The Penguin is a recurring villain of hers.

Alex Wilder: Face Heel Turn
Our first former hero turned villain, Alex Wilder, was a former member of the young hero group Runaways. He has a genius level intellect, and uses that as a strategist, to make plans, and manipulate people. With the other Runaways, he fought the villain group The Pride (who included their parents). Eventually he got killed, and there was a failed resurrection attempt of him. Later on, Damian Hellstrom (Prince of Hell) resurrected him in exchange for his services. This lead him to be part of the Young Masters (Norman Osborn’s evil version of the Young Avengers). At one point, he became a Luke Cage and Iron Fist villain as he was going around framing reformed villains and promising untold power to gain control of a large portion of the New York underground.

Victor Creed (Sabretooth): Heel Face Turn
The infamous Sabretooth. While he still has struggles with his morality, he is making an active attempt at being on the right side of things. Savage, bloodthirsty, ruthless. Three words you don’t usually use to describe someone trying to do the right thing. But for most of his career, he was a killer. Not out of necessity. Mostly out of boredom. But when the Axis event came around, the morality of most beings was switched. Turning villains to heroes, and heroes to villains. During that time, Sabretooth understood why Wolverine tried to atone, and mentioned how “I have a lot more blood on my hands than he ever had.” Sabretooth has been helping Old Man Logan, Warpath, and a few others deemed as the “Weapon X” team, hunting down bad guys. He has recently taken lead of that team, and done one thing that even the X-Men never could. Sat down, and talked with Omega Red, and offered to help him get better rather than just attacking him.


Mutant Homeland

This blog is going to be about a homeland. Not like, “I’m American” or “I’m from Russia” or “I’m the prince of Atlantis” kind of way. But something along the lines of what you can’t control. Now, all supergroups have some kind of “home away from home”. The Avengers have Avengers Tower and Avengers Mansion (of which a couple members live there), the Teen Titans have Titan Tower (and a side note, the Titans also have a Titan Tower), the Justice League have the Hall of Justice and the Watchtower. The Inhumans even have Attilan. And as much as some mutants have “Xaviers Mansion”, “The Jean Gray School”, “The Hellfire Academy” and a few others, unlike the other groups, the mutant ones are almost always under attack and watch.



What about their own countries?
Easy.  While they may still have their nationalities, most countries have incredibly strict registration acts with some pretty draconian rules on them. Other countries force all mutants to be part of secret programs (usually resulting in highly trained mutant spec-ops forces). Some countries just make being mutant illegal altogether, with the punishment being the death penalty. When even the most free nations have you under constant watch, and also regularly attempt to round you up into concentration camps, it’s hard to say that those countries are “your home”.
Bishop in a concentration camp as a youth

But those schools and academies. What about them?
While in those schools and academies (and in the case of the Morlocks, the sewers) they are safe. Well, safe is relative here. Because though you may be safer at those schools than the general public, you are almost forced into those areas. In some cases, you are under constant watch from groups like O*N*E (Office of National Emergency – Sentinel Squad). They are often assigned to “Watch them” and “Protect them from attacks”, but they also have strict orders to “Prevent and put down any mutant uprisings”. Basically, while you are safer in some of these areas, you are also pretty much in an open air prison. And not all of these schools are good either. Some, like the Hellfire Academy, were specifically created to help train the next generation of villains. Which doesn’t help your public image at all.
The Xavier Institute

Why can’t they regularly stay in public?
Unless you are someone with mutant powers that don’t manifest physically (such as telepaths), you don’t fit in. And in all of human history, if one thing has been consistent in human interaction, it’s that anyone who is different, will be ostracized. And some of these mutations (such as Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler, or Hank McCoy/Beast, or even Jono Starsmore/Chamber) leave you unable to blend in at all. In public places, that often leaves you a victim, especially since a lot of the authority figures don’t necessarily treat mutants as “humans” and will allow a lot of violent crimes slide if it happens to them. Not only that, but you are facing the Public Relations battle out in public. Anything bad/wrong or even just a screw up, is a negative reflection on ALL mutants, while anything good done is seen as suspect.
Anti-Mutant Lynch Mob

The Public Relations Battle:
As mentioned briefly already, any screw up, big or small, or villainous act, performed by a mutant, is often seen as a reflection of all mutants. Any good done, regardless of if you do it consistently or not, is viewed with suspicion. This is heavily because of a couple things. No matter how hard the “good” mutant groups fight, there will inevitably be setbacks. Sure the X-Men may have stopped an alien invasion. But that one block of Westchester County got destroyed, and it’s always seen as “their” fault. And then you get groups like “The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants” or “The Hellfire Club” that are generally evil. Anything they do is seen as “Look. Those mutants want to kill us? Therefore ALL mutants want to kill us, or enslave us.” And that stirs up fear (even though if Hydra or AIM did the same thing, it’s not indicative of all humanity). Plus you have various anti-mutant hate groups. Those groups go around actively stirring up anti-mutant sentiments, actively encourage lynchings, and bribe elected officials (or get elected themselves) to help pass anti mutant laws into place.

Why don’t they form their own country, or autonomous zone?
Good question. There is a simple answer to this. They have. Multiple times. It never works out because *someone* inevitably sees this as the “best possible chance to wipe out all mutants” and attacks them. You have Utopia, which while they defended, was assaulted by Norman Osborne and the Dark Avengers during the Dark Reign event. You have Genosha, which was destroyed by sentinels, and after the severe devastation of that event, was later used as a mutant concentration camp a couple more times before Magneto finally destroyed everything on the island to stop it from being used to imprison mutants. You have Akkaba, which was in fact destroyed by other mutants (because it was a staging area for Apocalypse and his acolytes). New Tian was invaded by Hydra, and then invaded by the United States, with the monuments built to mutants being destroyed by the US military. The closest thing to a sanctuary outside of the schools, at least in America, is San Francisco which adopted mutants (both powered and depowered) as welcomed citizens after the mayor was saved by a mutant. Even currently, in the X-Men Red series, Jean Grey, and some allies, are attempting to form a mutant nation. So far, the only countries that recognize them are Wakanda (which also has offered them sanctuary) and Atlantis (who happens to have a half-human King who is also a mutant).
Utopia, mutant island nation.

What does the future hold for mutant-kind’s national aspirations?
Well, we don’t know. Marvel’s future is always a bit of a mess, because it’s not *the* future, its *a* future. With nothing set in stone, the future is always a possible alternate future. Will Jean Grey and the X-Men Red squad succeed? Who knows. What we do know is in one future, there is a mutant colony on Jupiter’s moon Europa. It gets destroyed. Then there is a mutant planet called Haven. It also gets destroyed (by the Guardians of the Galaxy, the original squad, not the modern/MCU squad). And there is a mutant nation granted by the UN. It was highly successful. Until birth rates dropped. And then it got invaded, and destroyed. Ultimately having a mutant population of 5, living among the invaders. So the future is yet to be truly witnessed, but it’ll be safe to say it probably won’t end well for mutantkind.

The Family Life (Wayne)

In today’s issue of The Family Life, we are covering that of the legendary Playboy, Billionaire, Philanthropist. No, not Tony Stark, but DC mainstay Bruce Wayne. I am NOT including the extended Bat-Family characters (you know, like Barbara Gordon), but there is one particular character added to the list that isn’t technically related to the Wayne Family. Let’s get this started.

Bruce Wayne (Batman): The Big Bad Bat. It all started when he watched his parents die in an alley as a young child. The trauma lead him to eventually become one of the worlds leading detectives and martial artists. A lead member and founder of the Justice League, founder of the Outsiders, and CEO of Wayne Enterprises. He is currently engaged to Selina Kyle, best known by her criminal name Catwoman. He also has a biological son, Damian Wayne (aka. Robin), 3 adopted sons (Richard Grayson, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake), and an adopted daughter (Cassandra Cain). Alfred Pennyworth became his legal guardian when Thomas and Martha Wayne died, and is still a central figure in Bruce’s life to this day.


Selina Kyle (Catwoman): Selina has been an on again, off again love interest of Bruce for a long time, but since the Rebirth era of comics, they have been both on again, and recently (for the last several story arcs) engaged to eachother. While she hasn’t really been accepted by most of Bruce’s family, she has earned the respect of Superman, Louis Lane, and Wonder Woman. While she has no official children, upon marriage with Bruce, she will have adopted 4 sons and a daughter. She is considered part of the Bat-Family, and has been a member of the Outsider, the Injustice League, The Birds of Prey, The Gotham City Sirens, the Female Furies, and the Society.


Tim Drake (Red Robin): The third of the 4 Robins, Tim Drake figured out the identity of the first robin (Dick Grayson) and Batman before he ever became a member of the Bat-Family. When Jason Todd died, he voluntarily stepped into the role of Robin as he noticed something off with a Batman who had no side kick. After an accident where his mother was killed and his father was paralyzed and in need of physical therapy, Tim Drake was adopted by Bruce and became Tim Drake-Wayne. Both of his biological parents (Jack and Janet Drake) are currently deceased. But his Step Mother (Dana Winters-Drake), his adoptive father (Bruce Wayne), and his adoptive brothers (Jason, Dick, Damian), and adopted sister Cassandra are all still currently alive. He has been a part of the Teen Titans, Wayne Enterprises, Batman Incorporated, the Bat-Family, Young Justice, and Justice League Task Force.


Jason Todd (Red Hood): Jason Todd, who is the second Robin, is an interesting case, because his canon has changed as to whether he was ever adopted by Bruce or not. In some cases (such as New 52) he only stayed as an “adopted ward”, but in pre N52, he was an Adopted Son/Heir to Bruce. It isn’t fully clear whether he is an adopted son or adopted ward (even the writers sometimes mix this up). He became Robin at the age of 12 after he had helped Batman stop a gang run by a school who were supposed to reform troubled kids (where Batman initially sent Jason after catching him stealing tires to one of the Batmobiles). His biological mother Sheila Drake had to give up custody of him, his step-mother Catherine overdosed, and his biological father was a gangster for Two-Face (who also ended up killing him). Jason was killed by Joker, but later brought back to life. He has died, or faked his death, several times since then. Jason to this day has a strained relationship with most of the Bat-Family because his style of justice often includes lethal force (Tim being on the best terms with Jason). He was a member of the Teen Titans, the Challengers, The Outlaws, and the Bat-Family.


Richard “Dick” Grayson (Nightwing): Dick Grayson was the First Robin that Batman took on, and considered by many to be the true heir of Batman (the only one really contesting that is Damian Wayne). As a child, he and his family were all circus performers, known as the Flying Graysons. His father and mother (John and Mary Grayson) were killed by Gotham mobsters, and Bruce took him in as his ward. He trained as the first Robin to help fight crime, but as Bruce has said “It was something he needed. Not so that he would turn out like me, but so that he wouldn’t”. He eventually (much like Jason, this has changed depending on what is considered canon at the time) became adopted as the son of Bruce Wayne. Of all the Robins, Dick is the most successful as an established hero outside of Gotham, and his approval is known (as Superman calls it) the “Grayson Bump” which will lend anyone credibility within the superhero community. During Batman’s disappearances, he has taken on the mantle of Batman, having had both Tim Drake and Damian Wayne be his Robin at different times. He has been part of the Bat-Family, Batman Incorporated, Justice League, Titans, Teen Titans, the Parliamant of Owls, Spyral, and The Outsiders.


Cassandra Cain (Black Bat): The only person to be “Batgirl” at one time who was actually adopted by Bruce, Cassandra Cain is the biological daughter of multiple assassins. Her father was David Cain, and her mother was Lady Shiva. It took a while for it to happen, but she was adopted by Bruce when she tried to (but failed) to save her father. Dick was against the idea, but Tim and Barbara Gordon/Oracle supported it. Cassandra was the fourth Batgirl. She has a sister, half sister and adopted brother through her biological parents. She has 4 adopted brothers through Bruce. She is/was a member of the Bat-Family, Batman Incorporated, Young Justice, the League of Assassins, Justice League Elite, Titans East, and the Outsiders.


Kate Kane (Batwoman): The second person to take up the mantle of Batwoman (Kathy Kane was the first, and there is no relation there), she is the cousin to Bruce Wayne (Martha Wayne and her father Jacob Kane were siblings). She is openly a lesbian (one of the most notable comic characters to be LGBTQ). Her father Jacob Kane was a military officer and trained Kate in combat for years before she became Batwoman. She is one of the few people to figure out Batman was Bruce Wayne (her cousin) before being told, and actively helps Batman with the crime in Gotham City. She is a member of the Gotham Knights, the Bat-Family, and the Colony.


Damian Wayne (Robin): The fourth Robin, and only biological son of Bruce Wayne. His mother is Talia al-Ghul, and his grandfather (through his mother) is Ra’s al-Ghul. Kate Kane (Batwoman) is his first cousin once removed through his father Bruce. He has little respect for pretty much every member of the Bat-Family outside of Bruce, and is closest to Dick out of the rest (being the only former Robin that Damian recognizes as a brother). He has many personality traits similar to his father Bruce, including the dry sense of humour. He is the leader of the current Teen Titans, and is or has been a member of the Super Sons, Bat-Family, Batman Incorporated, League of Assassins, the Court of Owls, and Wayne Enterprises.

Hero Team Spotlight: Rebirth Teen Titans

Today we are focusing on the Teen Titans in the new DC Rebirth. While the run isn’t overly long right now (Currently only 12 issues) it is enough to start seeing the team dynamic.

This set of Teen Titans were a group formed by young Damian Wayne (Robin, Son of Batman) to prepare to be the next members of the Justice League (and in his own words, be better than them). He also doesn’t want it to be a failure as he deems the previous iteration. But let’s get down to the members.

Robin (Damian Wayne):
The prodigal son of Batman (and practically the little brother of Dick Grayson/Nightwing) is the self appointed leader and founder of the new generation of Teen Titans. Forming the team as a way to assert his independence from both his father Batman, and Grandfather Ra’s al-Ghul, he is both the resident genius and weapons expert of the team. His abilities include: Peak human condition, master martial artist, stealth and disguise expert, genius level intellect, mimicry (able to copy others voices either perfectly, or near perfectly). He is also able to drive, has business management skills, and is a rather skilled painter.

Beast Boy (Garfield Logan):
The comedic stylings of our favourite green shapeshifter is back. Beast Boy is a big aspect as far as the humour in the series goes, but he’s also a physical heavy hitter and also quite adept at sneaking around. His powers include being able to change into any animal (though he has better control if he knows about the animal). This is not limited to just Earth based animals. He also has an encyclopedic knowledge of animals.

Kid Flash (Wally West):
The young Wally West is the resident speedster (because every good DC team needs a Speedster on it). While generally outgoing, he is heavily conflicted with his past, and during the teams encounter with Deathstroke, ultimately gets himself kicked off the team. His powers include the typical from DC speedsters, a connection to the Speed Force, super speed, reflexes, durability, agility, stamina. He also has accelerated healing, can travel dimensions, tap into the electrical powers of the Speed Force. He is also known for his skill as a mechanic.

Raven (Rachel Roth):
Daughter of the demon Trigon, Raven is rather adept at magic. She often uses it in combat to either protect others on her team, or to help heal by absorbing their pain into herself. Being half demon, she has a unique skillset which includes: Darkness manipulation, time stream manipulation, and the ability to constantly feel the emotions of others nearby. She is also extremely adept at magic (not wholly unique to her demon side, but definitely enhanced by it).

Starfire (Koriand’r):
A princess in her home planet, Starfire brings a bit of a Cosmic touch to the team. Her alien physiology gives her some pretty good advantages over mere humans. But she is also a strong tactical mind and leader. As such, the team often wants her to take over (as her personality is almost an exact counterpoint to Damian’s). She has superhuman strength, durability, and stamina. She also has the powers of flight, energy manipulation, energy absorption and has no need for food or drink. She is also an extremely skilled linguist, swordsman, hand to hand combatant and is quite skilled with gun usage as well.

Aqualad (Jackson Hyde):
Aqualad is the 6th member of the team, essentially being the replacement for Kid Flash. Damian is extremely hard on him, because he wants him to avoid what he sees as the failures of Kid Flash. A late edition to the team, he doesn’t appear until the 6th issue. His skills include hybrid Atlantean physiology (superhuman strength, durability, speed, stamina, reflexes, and enhanced senses). He can breath underwater, has hydrokinesis and electrokinesis.

Goliath is the giant dragon-bat who is essentially Robin’s pet. While not *technically* a member of the team, he does tend to be there for a large portion of their fights, and obeys Robin’s commands. He has superhuman strength, durability, speed, stamina and flight.

The Family Life (Summers-Grey)

Now, while many heroes and villains have hooked up, or married, I am primarily going to focus on larger families for the Family Life series. This one is going to heavily focus on the Summers-Grey family (As close to royalty as mutants get for lineage).

Now the Summers family (which heavily includes the Grey family, though the girls tend to keep the Grey last name) is huge and convoluted in comics. So let’s start with the main man who founded the legendary modern family:

Christopher Summers (Corsair): He is the leader of the Starjammers, space-pirate do-gooders. He has worked with the X-Men on several occasions, and even attented Scott’s first wedding. He has one wife (Katherine Ann Summers). He also has three children, Scott, Alex and Gabriel.

Alex Summers (Havoc): The middle brother, Alex became the mutant known as Havoc. He has worked with both the X-Men and the Avengers. He has also worked with the Starjammers and other groups as well. He has no children, or wife.

Gabriel Summers (Vulcan): The youngest Summers brother, Gabriel had an unconventional birth. He was ripped from his dying mothers womb, and incubated (without the knowledge of his father) by the Shi’ar. Eventually he became the Emperor of the Shi’ar empire, and fought a civil war before ultimately losing. He served on the X-Men briefly as well. He has a wife, Cal’syee Neramani (also known as Deathbird), but no children.

Scott Summers (Cyclops): Scott is the eldest brother. He was one of the first X-Men, and has led various incarnations of the X-Men. While it’s with Scott that the Summers/Grey family gets complicated, most of that comes from his grandchildren. So, let’s start with his two marriages. Madelyne Pryor (The Red Queen), his first wife, and clone of Jean Grey. Jean Grey (Marvel Girl/Phoenix), second wife. And his only child, Nathan Summers (Cable). His son also has a clone (so sort of has a second son) Stryfe. Scott also has an alternate reality daughter who plays a major role in the main universe, Rachel Grey (AKA Marvel Girl, Phoenix, or most recently, Prestige).

Nathan Summers (Cable): Nathan is the only actual son of Scott, but he does have a brother/clone. His mother was Madelyne Pryor. Nathan has served on the Avengers, X-Force, X-Men, the Six Pack, the New Mutants and several other groups. Much like his father, he has had two wives. Aliya Dayspring (also known as Jenskot, his first wife), and Hope Summers (his second wife, not to be confused with the other Hope Summers). He has a clone/brother named Stryfe. He also has 3 half-siblings from alternate realities. Only two of these have significant impact on the 616 universe those. His half brother is called Nathanial Grey (known as X-Man). And his half-sister, Rachel Grey (Prestige). He has two children, neither of which are actually his. There was Tyler Dayspring (Genesis) who was his step-son/son (it’s complicated) from his first marriage. Hope Summers was his adopted daughter (first mutant born after M-Day, him and his second wife Hope Summers, adopted the baby and raised it).

Stryfe: A clone of Nathan Summers, he has all the same powers. He was created by an alternate reality Rachel Summers and raised by Apocalypse. He did not have a wife, though he did have a child with Aliya Dayspring (Cable’s first wife), known as Tyler Dayspring/Genesis, who was raised by his adoptive father (and technically speaking, father) Cable.

Tyler Dayspring (Genesis): Tyler Dayspring was the offspring of Aliya Dayspring and Stryfe (clone of his adoptive father Nathan/Cable, his mothers husband). He eventually took on the name Genesis and tried to become the new Apocalypse after Apocalypse had died. He has no known children or wives.

Nathaniel Grey (X-Man): An alternate reality son of Scott and Jean (from the Age of Apocalypse timeline). He was actually one of the most powerful mutants known, up until his powers were blown out by the Omega Machine. In which case he trained his mind to make use of what powers he has left (limited telekinesis) but also to use his brain strategically, making him an effective leader and strategist. He has no wives or kids, but was last seen in a relationship with Dani Moonstar.

Madelyne Pryor (The Goblin Queen/The Red Queen): Madelyne Pryor was a clone of Jean Grey who was created by Mr. Sinister. She eventually married Scott Summers (they divorced, when Jean Grey was revealed to be alive. And  by divorce, I mean Scott left her in the middle of the night, having only married Madelyne because of her similarity in appearance to Jean in the first place). She has one child, and a clone of that child (Nathan Summers, and Stryfe respectively).

Jean Grey (Marvel Girl/Phoenix): Jean was another member of the original X-Men who fell in love with Scott. In between various deaths she married Scott (becoming his second wife). In the 616 universe they never had any children (though she is genetically speaking, the mother of Nathan Summers, despite not actually being the mother). In alternate realities, there were 3 children between her and Scott. 2 of which have any major impact on the 616 universe. Nathaniel Grey (X-Man) and Rachel Grey (Prestige). The third daughter was known as Rachel Summers (Mother Askani) who played a limited role in the creation of Stryfe.

Rachel Grey (Prestige): Rachel Grey has been known by several aliases. In the 616 universe she served briefly as the Phoenix, and also took her mothers name in the early X-Men days (Marvel Girl) before finally settling on Prestige (on recommendation of Kitty Pryde to take an identity that is all her own). She has served on the X-Men, Excalibur, and Starkammers as well as other teams. She has no husbands or children, but she is currently in a relationship with the Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler).
Rachel Summers

Rachel Summers (Mother Askani): Another alternate reality version of Rachel Grey, this one ultimately became known as Mother Askani. She formed a clan known as “Clan Askani”. She was responsible for cloning Nathan Summers giving us Stryfe. Her parents are Jean Grey and Scott Summers, but no known children or husband.

Hope Summers: The adopted daughter of Nathan Summers and his second wife Hope, Hope was named after her (adopted) mother when she died. She is the first mutant born since M-Day and was the main cause for the whole Avengers vs X-Men event (as she is one of the most powerful hosts of the Phoenix which was coming to Earth). She has served on both the X-Men and X-Force. She has no children or husbands.
Hope Summers

(Un)friendly Fire: Villains vs Villains

So for the third and final part of my Friendly Fire series, is going to be a twist. While heroes fighting heroes seems a bit odd, because they should be on the same side, it doesn’t seem as odd (though it should) when we see villains fighting villains. But let’s get down to these less than friendly battles between some of our less than heroic characters.

Joker vs Red Skull (Batman and Captain America)
So the first one I’m doing is one of my favourites. It was a one-off crossover between DC’s Batman and Marvel’s Captain America, in which Joker and Red Skull teamed up. You know, until Joker found out Red Skull was an actual Nazi and not just using it as some set-up/joke. The two fight on two different occasions. The first one Red Skull takes, but the second one is more of a stalemate. My take is that with a 1-0-1 record in their only meeting, Red Skull takes the win.


Magneto vs Apocalypse (Age of Apocalypse)
So Magneto hasn’t always been a villain, but he is definitely seen on the wrong side more often than not. Apocalypse on the other hand is a villain that even most villains dislike. So this showdown of Magneto, the Master of Magnetism (and arguably one of the biggest badasses in Marvel) vs Apocalypse, one of the first mutants known to mankind (and a strong believer in Survival of the Fittest). In the Age of Apocalypse, Magneto eventually sided with the X-Men. But, the final showdown of the AoA was a clash of the two titans of X-Men villains. While the fight was initially a stall for Bishop to rectify the past (and prevent Xavier from being killed), Magneto channelled all his power, his love, and his hatred into the fight, and he literally ripped Apocalypse in half. Winner: Magneto, hands down, plus he finishes off with a pretty good thought.


Black Adam vs Psycho Pirate (Infinite Crisis)
In the sequel to Crisis on Infinite Earths, you see Black Adam and Psycho Pirate on the opposite sides. Lex Luthor is creating multiple universes in an effort to create the perfect Earth. This had a coalition of heroes and villains fighting those who supported Luthors attempt. Among the resistance was Black Adam, and he goes up against the emotion manipulator Psycho Pirate (who was trying to stop resistance by manipulating their emotions against it).  Unfortunately, Black Adam has no time for emotions, and he ends the fight quickly, killing Psycho Pirate by jabbing his fingers that far into his eyes. Winner: Black Adam.


Dr. Doom vs Thanos (Secret Wars)
One of the newest events of Marvel was Secret Wars. Where Dr. Doom took over the universe and became God Doom. During one encounter with Thanos, the two shared very heated words. Both of them have been literal gods, and Thanos claims that Doom is a weak god. Doom responds with a brief attack. Doom reaches his hand into Thanos, grabs his spine, and disintegrates Thanos. Winner: Doom.


Kingpin vs Red Skull (Captain America: Streets of Poison)
The final entry is Kingpin vs Red Skull. Kingpin is a straight up beast, and an underrated powerhouse (seriously), while Red Skull is definitely a capable fighter (with modified super-serum in his body too) is a hell of a fight. The two get into it in a submission only hand-to-hand fight that saw them stripped down to their underwear (because neither trusted the other to be clothed and not carry weapons). While Red Skull used many of his strongest hits to points normally vulnerable to people, Kingpin is so well protected by his body mass (let me be clear, it isn’t all fat), that they didn’t even phase him. When Red Skull tried blinding him, he got in too close, Kingpin set him in a bear hug, and collapsed on him until Skull cried uncle. Winner: Kingpin
Kingpin vs Red Skull



Ultimately, this just goes to show that Heroes don’t always get along, and neither do villains. As much as they team up, their own personal goals often get in the way.

Friendly Fire: Hero vs Hero (DC)

Last week we did Hero vs Hero fights in the Marvel Universe. This week, we delve into DC.


Batman vs Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman: The Hiketia)
This comic run I know I’ve talked about on at least one other occasion on this blog (and even more so on other forums). But it is such a good run. Wonder Woman has pledged to protect someone who has formed the rite of Hiketia (basically subservience for protection, on condition that the truth was told). This someone killed a criminal, in Gotham. And Batman would not let her go, not without a fight. This battle was good, and they both got some good hits in. But the Bat was beaten by the killer of Gods. As skilled, and intelligent, as Batman is (and much to many fans dismay), prep time does not always equal a victory. When your opponent is Wonder Woman, prep time only delays the inevitable. Batman does not wish to harm Wonder Woman, and has no interest in fighting a friend. Wonder Woman on the other hand, also has no desire to fight a friend, but has a sense of duty to the gods, herself, and her upbringing that overshadows her desire to not fight a friend. The victory goes to Wonder Woman.


Damian Wayne/Robin vs Dick Grayson/Nightwing (Injustice)
While not necessarily canon (Injustice does take place in an alternate universe after all), the latest Robin fights the first. During a confrontation between Batman and Superman, Nightwing (at Batman’s side) ended up sparring with Robin (who was on Superman’s side). Damian throws one of the billy clubs at Dick, like he has often (even in this series before), but Dick failed to do what he always did before. Catch the billy club. This time, it struck him right in the temple, followed by a collapse with his head hitting the ground. It was a near instantaneous death blow. One in front of Batman, Superman, and others in attendance. While in their previous sparring matches in the series, Damian and Nightwing were a closer match, this shows how Damian is a force to be reckoned with, as unlike Batman and most his proteges, he does not have the moral compulsion against killing. Damian wins by death.


Superman vs Shazam (Kingdom Come)
In Kingdom Come, you see a futuristic reality where the altruistic heroes we know and love are aged and outdated. The second and third generation of heroes don’t exactly have the same morals the first generation of metahumans did. Killing in the name of justice wasn’t unheard of. This lead to three factions rising. The Justice League, consisting of most of the old guard heroes, which often imprisoned hero and villains to indoctrinate them for new morals. The Outsiders were lead by Batman, some of the second and third generation heroes, as well as other more outsider first generation heroes such as Green Arrow and Blue Beetle. The third major faction was the Mankind Liberation Front, which was headed by Lex Luther, and includes many other villains (including a child of Batman, and Talia, not named Damian). But, one of the big fights you see, is a brainwashed Billy Batson (Shazam) fighting Superman. The fight itself allowed the showcasing of strength Shazam has. He is very much Superman’s equal in almost any physical way (so much so that he has been mistaken for Kryptonian), but he also has many magical abilities as well. And these he showcases and uses to his advantage (as Superman is weak to magic), nearly killing him in this fight. So Superman uses a different method of fighting, he appeals to Billy Batson (the child) rather than Shazam. Ultimately, Billy sacrificed himself for the greater good, giving Superman the ultimate victory, but the fight itself hands down went to Shazam. Anyone who can nearly kill Superman without turning him near human (with Kryptonite) deserves mention in the win column.


Jason Todd/Red Hood vs Tim Drake/Robin (Teen Titans)
Another set of Robin vs former Robin on this list. The Bat Family has a lot of pent up rage issues.  This one is their first meeting, in Teen Titans. Jason Todd wishes to gauge Tim Drake, partly because Jason is a bit insane, and partly because Jason was always told he wasn’t good enough, or wasn’t tough enough, but Tim Drake was the opposite (while not Dick Grayson, Tim was still considered a near perfect Robin). The fight had Jason wearing an adult version of a Robin costume (not his Robin costume though, his didn’t have pants), which screams to his abandonment issues. But, both members of the Bat Family got their hits in, as well as some trash talk. Jason, as the Red Hood gets the nod as victor. Tim is the better strategist, but Jason is stronger, and larger, ultimately getting him the upper hand.


Superman vs Batman (The Dark Knight Returns)
While I really wanted to avoid using the same hero twice, one just does not do a DC Hero vs Hero fight without mentioning Superman vs Batman. Polar opposites in general attitude, but also, best friends (and often bitter rivals). The Dark Knight Returns was a rather dark run, in a future where most superheroes don’t exist. Batman gets into a fight with Superman, and uses a heavy armored suit to enable him to fight on a near equal ground with the Kryptonian. Though he does use Kryptonite in the fight as well, Batman only uses it so he can himself get away. The fight ends with Batman faking his own death, and Superman, though even he knows that Batman isn’t dead. Batman wins, but Superman could easily have taken it if Batman didn’t have some help earlier on from Green Arrow.